January 11, 2023
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Immersive Gaming Platforms That Should Be on Your Radar: A Comprehensive List

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Every year a plethora of new platforms come into the fray. With some standing the test of time and others diminishing after a few short months, it's integral for you to identify what platforms are actually worth investing your time and resources in.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of platforms that we think you should engage with this year due to their exceptional audience numbers and versatile nature.


Number of Active Users: 58.8 million

Roblox consists of a wide variety of games, aptly referred to as Experiences, each community built, offering an array of different activities for players to enjoy. Multiple brands such as Vans and Gucci have already created Experiences within the Robloxian ecosystem.

Besides just that, Roblox is growing year-on-year with projections estimating an increase of 10-20% in the daily player count by the end of 2023. The audience consists of kids, teens, and young adults with it being available on a wide variety of platforms - even being the second most downloaded mobile game in the world!


Number of Active Users: 2.9 - 4 million

Fortnite from Epic Games originally started off as a cooperative third-person shooter. Then, it encapsulated millions of players by incorporating its unique take on the Battle Royale formula. Now, it has turned into a sandbox game ripe with educational classes and lessons that help teach important STEM concepts.

Besides just that, Fortnite has collaborated with numerous movies and TV shows over the years introducing various cosmetics, skins, and dances allowing players to express themselves and transition into their favorite characters.

Fortnite has also entertained numerous virtual concerts over there, from Travis Scott to Marshmello, and multiple artists have performed over limited-time events allowing millions to enjoy interactive concert experiences from the comfort of their homes.

The Sandbox

Number of Active Users: 200,000

The Sandbox is an exciting MMORPG game with a unique twist, player-owned housing. You’ll be able to interact with players from all over the glove as you settle in and complete quests to earn different sets of rewards.

The entire experience is based on the Ethereum blockchain and has a completely user-generated content ecosystem down to the marketplace, the games, and even the cosmetics and item assets being used in the game.

Plus, you can also own a piece of property allowing you to populate it with your own games and assets. If users interact and play those games, you’ll be able to earn off that particular encounter as well. 


Number of Active Users: 20 million

Zepeto is a mobile-only Multiverse experience that features a wide array of interactable environments where players can chat with other users from around the globe. It isn’t necessarily a game in the traditional sense but instead is a social experience with a few gamified elements to it.

Players can choose from a wide variety of curated cosmetics and clothing which let them dress up in ways they wouldn’t be able to in real life. Zepeto’s primarily fabled for its large community which allows players to experience new cultures, learn new languages, and interact with individuals that are distant from them geographically. 


Number of Active Users: 141 million

The brain-child of Swedish indie video game developer, Markus “Notch” Persson. What started as a simple game revolving around trees and stones quickly turned into an intricate labyrinth of ideas with procedural world development at its forefront.

With multiple biomes and creatures roaming around, each world was unique but felt eerily similar to the previous one. This provided an aura of mystery to the now-fabled game which ultimately allowed for multiplayer servers and experiences.

Now, Minecraft has over 500,000 active servers with them ranging from a small world played by a few friends to huge servers like Hypixel which contain a plethora of educational and social activities for hundreds of thousands of players.

Rec Room

Number of Active Users: 20,000

Rec Room is a VR-friendly MMO Metaverse experience that is primarily aimed at teens and children. It consists of a wide variety of games ranging from Archery to Paintball that allow players to interact with one another in different environments.

It is available for free on almost every platform out there with VR being the preferred method to play. The game also has tons of unique cosmetics and clothing options that allow players to express themselves.

The primary draw of Rec Room is the fact that it is easy to play, doesn’t really have a learning curve, and the amount of min-games means that there’s something for everyone, whether it's an educational experience, social interaction, or, just plain shenanigans. 

What Metaverse Platform Is The Best for 2023?

Roblox takes the cake as being the best Metaverse platform for 2023. This is because of a few reasons, they are:

  • Scale: Roblox is one of the largest games out there, period. It caters to a wide variety of audiences and allows brands to advertise themselves to demographics that are practically unfeasible elsewhere.
  • Versatility: Roblox experiences are community-curated. In essence, the sky’s the limit. So, your brand can create unique experiences that’ll both be engaging and informative helping create brand traction.
  • Intuitiveness: Most experiences do not have a learning curve whatsoever. The game itself is easy-to-pick, runs on practically every platform, and doesn’t require a beefy computer or an extremely fast internet connection.
  • Engagement: Players love creating their own virtual avatars in Roblox. From honing their cosmetics to fashion brands emulating their very-own apparel inside the game, it allows brands to effortlessly place their products in the mainstream.

With that said, platforms such as Fortnite and Minecraft are also bound to see rapid growth. But, the way they’re designed leads to them being a bit confined in terms of what you can actually do on the platform while Roblox allows for a lot more creative freedom.